Monday, July 22, 2013

Rapper J-Bo releases EP 'Queen City'

The rapper from Iberia, LA, known as J-Bo has released his capital new EP record, “Queen City,” to the excitement and elation of fans everywhere. The EP is comprised of four original tracks for a total playing time of nearly 15 minutes. It includes the J-Bo hit singles, “Bandz,” “Faded,” “Ball Like Nino,” and “F--- Yeah.” Each of the four songs is labeled with the parental advisory explicit lyrics sticker. The “Queen City” extended-play album has been released on the M.a.r.s. Ent. music label.

J-Bo (also sometimes referred to in the hip-hop underground of the South as Scott Spliff) writes lines and rhymes that are fit to spit. His lyrics are heavy-hitting, well-phrased, and delivered with the punch of the inner city sound, though over a “dirty south” groove and beat. His music is a personal battle against the large corporate structures that dominate and control the urban music scene. His official bio states very clearly that J-Bo has the “ambition to take over in this lyrical rap warfare that's being underrated by the big labels.”

The themes of “Queen City” are personal in nature to J-Bo, also.

“[My new EP] gives some input about the life I live,” he writes. “I'm introducing my city to my fans, and giving them a lil' insight of my vision. My vision inspires me to keep on pushing on this path to get where I wanna be in this competitive business that's fueled by jealousy and envy.”

When asked about how he began making music, J-Bo replies, “It was a calling. Like, it just came to me naturally. It became a part of the way I live on a day-to-day basis.”

J-Bo's cited main artistic inspirations are performing, freestyling, and poetry, the most natural ways a rapper can garner inspiration.

“Queen City” by J-Bo is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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