Tuesday, July 9, 2013

JoyFocus releases new single 'Think Fast'

Chicago duo JoyFocus has released their latest in a string of explosive singles, “Think Fast.” The song is a departure from their usual fare such as the popular “Love Song Cliche” in that it focuses on JoyFocus' pop elements for a sound reminiscent of Faith No More's “We Care A Lot.” As the public has come to expect from JF, “Think Fast” is catchy, fun, extremely well written and entirely excellent listening under any circumstances.

Thematically, “Think Fast” deals with Friday nights, hard partying (details not given), and strenuous effort for the sake of a really good time. It is a positive, driving track with a heart of rock and roll that even Huey Lewis would be proud of.

“This is our third single in three months and part of the thematic build up to our upcoming EP which is currently scheduled for release in October or November 2013,” JoyFocus writes. “'Think Fast' is a celebration of the perception that one can live life to the fullest and with the utmost abandon.”

They cite as main artistic influences bands such as Queen, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Journey, and “the entire decade of the 80’s.” “Think Fast” also bears elements of David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and late disco (believe it or not), which attributes are used to great effect. There is more space in “Think Fast” than in JoyFocus' previous material, which is saying much for a band who takes great care to compose music with danceable phrasing, consciously or not.

For music listeners around the world who may not yet be acquainted with JoyFocus, the following is taken from their latest bio:

“Using music as their vehicle, musician Rikk Currence and singer Holly Joy drive recklessly down musical highways in their pursuit of accessible artistic expression. Wherever they stop, be it upon simple pop melodies or dramatic musical arrangements, the two have a gift for marrying music and lyrics that convey their emotional, physical & spiritual struggles in a fashion that everyone can understand and relate to.”

Be sure to visit their official website (URL below) as JF have lately been publishing great singles faster than the Henry Ford assembly line.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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