Thursday, July 11, 2013

Composer Sean Christopher releases new LP 'Transcendence'

The composer of New Age music known as Sean Christopher has released his newest full-length album, “Transcendence,” featuring Andrew Sords on violin. The record contains 10 tracks for a total playing time of approximately 50 minutes. A musical epic that is as inspirational as it is moving, “Transcendence” is a musical work of great genius and artistic taste. Christopher's latest venture describes a science fiction journey to meet what Divinity may reside in the outer cosmos beyond space, time, and imagination.

The sound of “Transcendence” is classical in nature, like the great Catholic compositions of Bach and Vivaldi, and Christopher makes wondrous use of certain selections by interpreting them through a futuristic paradigm that digitizes and supermodernizes without stripping the warmth from the music. Much of this is owed to the gorgeous and precise playing of Andrew Sords, whose violin adds a thrumming undercurrent of pure life throughout the album's stainless steel structure. Together, they create a starship of a record that transports the listener in a very real way. The term 'astral projection' has never seemed more appropriate.

Like all the best compositions, Christopher's LP tells a story that does not need visual illustration. It is not a soundtrack and does not sound like one. The composer himself depicts the entire tale with skillful English that proves he can write poetic lyrics, yet does not, because he doesn't need words to communicate his story.

“The potential eternal soul’s journey from Earth to Paradise: Gloria...” he writes, “the journey commences.”

This describes the first track of the record. Following comes this: “Kyrie Eleison, Lord have mercy. May I have a safe voyage across the cosmos to the Eternal Isle of Paradise … to dwell for all eternity with the Father.”

Luna, Halley's Comet, the Oort Cloud and more astronomical features of space go by in Christopher's wonderland of sound. Sords bows his strings descriptively to narrate. This last is taken entirely from Christopher's official webpage. It describes the record to a T and is reproduced faithfully here without alteration.

“Even traveling at nearly the speed of light on the Seraphic transport, Andromeda bedazzles us with its tranquil beauty … almost singing to us. The long journey gives us time to reflect on our short Earthly existence … the experiences of both the positive … and unfortunately, the negative aspects of our earthly life.”

“Transcendence” by Sean Christopher featuring Andrew Sords is available online worldwide beginning July of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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