Tuesday, July 16, 2013

JayDoubL releases new LP album 'Medical Lab'

The rising star of the Chicago hip hop scene known as JayDoubL has released his latest and greatest LP mixtape album, titled, “Medical Lab,” to widespread fan and critical acclaim. The album sports 11 new tracks for a total listening time of approximately 40 minutes. In addition to the eminent and numerous talents of the album's main attraction, JayDoubL, “Medical Lab” also boasts featured artists such as MojoDakidd, GBChi, Lo Gutta, KlipKapone, Scott Iversen, Chukwudi, Snake G, and Cacino Ga G.

“Medical Lab” is a sonic place designed entirely by JayDoubL to fix up listeners who may need some relief from the anxieties of life. Of this, JayDoubL says, “In listening to the album you should find therapeutic solace in being you, doing you and not selling yourself short. The album is a confidence booster, if you are down and visit the Medical Lab, you’ll be ready to get back up after the experience.”

His new LP is produced, recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, and mostly performed by JayDoubL, himself, making the album an accurate representation of the artist. Even the beats were composed on his iPad.

This is fortunate for JayDoubL fans because his background is storied and complex, and such a snapshot of his character is not easily developed. Born in Nigeria and raised in both the United States and Africa, JayDoubL's sound is a musical hybrid. His style aims to marry the American and African artistic principles in Afro-, hip-hop, and dance music. In this he has wholly succeeded before, but never as well as he does in “Medical Lab.”

Part of the credit for this recent victory goes to his army of featured artists from Chicago's hip-hop underground, whose collaborative efforts make “Medical Lab” a towering titan of a mixtape. In the beginning, this was the overarching goal of the record. “Ultimately,” he writes, “I wanted to collaborate with artists in my circle to just make great music, reflective of being you and doing you.”

“Medical Lab” by JayDoubL is available online worldwide beginning summer of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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