Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Centri releases new single 'Music On My Mind' (Feat. Sha Stimuli, Akir, and Dokta Strange, prod. by P.R.O.)

The rapper known as Centri has released his latest and greatest single, “M.O.M.M.” (Music On My Mind). The single features Sha Stimuli, Akir, and Dokta Strange, including back beats mixed by P.R.O. The track is characterized by an old-school groove, cutting edge mixing and composition, and some of the best lines and rhymes ever penned for hip hop. A titan of modern urban poetry, “M.O.M.M.” stands to prove once and for all that Centri is a powerhouse rapper with equally talented friends.

This will come as no surprise at all for longtime fans of Centri, some of whom have been loyal to his music for decades. His wordplay has always been one of his greatest assets.

“I’ve been writing since I was like very young,” he comments. “Back then I was really surprising people with my rhymes and how I put words together. Every cipher or show or wherever I rhymed I would get a very intense reaction from people.”

This particular sound comes from Centri's phrasing and delivery, and from his knack for combinations that draw the ear and give the mind something to chew on.

“I started to study people’s verses,” he writes candidly, “and for about six months I stopped writing rhymes and strictly wrote hooks. I dunno. I felt hooks are a major weak spot amongst up and coming artists, so I wanted to ensure my hooks were infectious and served a purpose with every song.”

Having accomplished this, “M.O.M.M.” and other excellent tracks from Centri are each works of art, line by line, phrase by phrase. His new album will be called “The Headless Nobody.” This is an image created by Centri to represent the contemporary artists most listeners never see. The record, as usual, deals with themes that most writers would not touch.

Centri replies, “It speaks on real topics that you will never get an up-and-coming artist to discuss unless you speak to him behind the scenes, but not the kind of thing you would potentially hear in an interview or on a blog. I’m definitely taking this album places lyrically and musically into unexplored territory.”

This early, excellent offering from Centri and friends, “M.O.M.M.,” is a sure sign that music fans have great things in store for them in the near future. As a further sign of goodwill, Centri has made the single available for streaming and download, and the first 200 listeners will receive the track free of charge.

Stream and Download: http://centri.bandcamp.com/album/m-o-m-m-single
 -- First 200 Get The Song FREE! Name your price for a limited time only.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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