Friday, April 19, 2013

Audio Autograph releases debut new EP 'A Shared Vision'

The Hollywood pop-punk duo known as Audio Autograph have released their debut EP, titled, “A Shared Vision.” The record includes seven original tracks, two of them acoustic, for a total of approximately 20 minutes' worth of listening. It serves as Audio Autograph's introduction to the underground music scene at large, as well as providing a strong opening foundation for their growing repertoire of music. The songs of “A Shared Vision “are incredibly catchy, goodhearted, and fun to listen to, and showcase Audio Autograph as one of the most creative acts on So. Cal's infamous Sunset Strip.

The sound of “A Shared Vision” bespeaks the artistic influences of Audio Autograph's members, co-lead singers A.J. Lauer and Tara Burrows. There are many elements of Blink 182 present in Lauer's singing and songwriting. The delicacy of popular singer Kelly Clarkson resounds in the vibrato-filled intonations of Burrows, whose crystal-clear voice balances with Lauer's youthful growling extremely well, and in a way that is uniquely beautiful. The inclusion of their acoustic tracks on the record display this even better, perhaps, than their other tracks.

Another important characteristic of Audio Autograph is their sharing of lead vocals. Burrows and Lauer exchange melody and harmony duties throughout each track, and the listener gets the impression of being serenaded by two musicians simultaneously, a very full and impressive experience of independent music. This, combined with some truly intuitive songwriting, produces a kind of alternative rock blend that is reminiscent of Minnesota's legendary punk band, Husker Du.

The music of Audio Autograph is also warm, friendly, and full of spirit. Upon being asked about the themes braided into their debut EP, the decisive answer returns:

(1.) Not giving up, perseverance, overcoming adversity, looking on the bright side of things, etc. (2.) Reminiscing, remembering, passion, fun, and triumph. (3.) Romance (4.) Opportunities, making sure to go for it.

Needless to say, these principles (like the seven excellent songs of the EP) are sure to presage a full-length Audio Autograph album in time. There is certainly much more creativity where this small collection came from.

“A Shared Vision” by Audio Autograph is available online worldwide beginning April 20, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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