Monday, April 8, 2013

Eric Alán releases new single 'L.O.V. & E.'

The skyrocketing new pop star known as Eric Alán has released his newest dance single, titled, 'L.O.V. & E.' The song is only the latest in a string of exciting offerings from NYC-based Alán, who was raised in Southern California. His hit single, “Pornstar” electrified Djs and dance floors all over the globe in the 2011 club scene music underground, and has since continued to garner attention from music fans, dance fanatics and music journalists worldwide ever since. Like “Pornstar” before it, “L.O.V. & E.” features the same adrenaline-powered ferocity, the same innate sexiness, and the same classy, yet challenging rebelliousness that has made Eric Alán one of 2013's most exciting new music artists to watch and to hear.

The overall tone of Eric Alán is like a cross between the flashy action of Lady Gaga and the dark, gentlemanly passion and power of Depeche Mode. Alán's vocals, though more direct and not as melodramatic, have the same gorgeous timbre and quality of DM's Dave Gahan – smoky, shadowy, and masculine. The overall impression one gets is that Alán is an exceptionally fun artist, as well as a remarkably intelligent one.

When asked about his music, Alán says with surprising self-awareness, “My musical style is simple and direct in production value, infused with electronic dance vibes and driving, infectious rhythms with a Latin flare.” His sound cannot be described better, truly, though it needs experiencing to be fully understood. “It’s expressive, a bit haunting and definitely danceable, cocky and fun.”

Alán, who was recently interviewed by Martin Berusch for the Huffington Post, does strike his music video viewers as cocky, but in an incorrigible way, not arrogant. He describes his new single, “L.O.V. & E.,” with the same astute introspection and good-natured openness for which he has come to be known.

"I see 'L.O.V. & E.' as: if Madonna, Dave Gahan and Ricky Martin were all to have a 'music baby,' the end product would be 'L. O. V. & E.' It's about unabashed freedom of sexual expression. No apologies, no strings, just fun! It's also a deliberate play on narcissism, as the 'E' does represent the climax of 'love' while also representing the 'E' for Eric.”

Absolutely incorrigible.

L. O. V. & E.” by Eric Alán, including remixes by Klubjumpers and longtime collaborator, Jeff P., is available online worldwide beginning 8 April 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

(With material from Martin Berusch)

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