Friday, April 19, 2013

M.M.O B. releases new single, “914 We Go Hard”

The New York crew of rap artists known as M.M.O.B. have released their newest single and corresponding music video, titled, “914 We Go Hard,” on the 914 Records music label. The track is a proud and aggressive anthem of Westchester County, which is located at the southernmost tip of the state of New York dividing New Jersey from Connecticut. The song's beats and melody lines are styled in the old-school tradition of the urban hip-hop underground, and showcase the gritty, poetic talents of M.M.O.B. perhaps better than any of their previous releases.

M.M.O.B. (Makin' Money's Our Business) is the stage name of rappers DRA and Hi-Def (often stylized H!-Def), and is the current name of the crew formerly called The Union. This newest official release, “914 We Go Hard,” features also the abundant skills of M.M.O.B. friend Estee Lavoe.

The song, like the music video that was concurrently released with it, is unpretentious and pared down to the very core of hip-hop: the rappers, themselves. It has a back beat like the legends used to spin off 12” vinyl records, a simple loop on top, and lots and lots of NY attitude. The men of M.M.O.B. sport thick Westchester accents, and proudly declare their fealty to their home town through a series of brilliantly written lines and ingeniously spat rhymes, never missing a beat, hardly seeming to take a breath in between.

The video, which is directed by Chris Jack and Eckzavier, is also a legitimately powerful work of street art, being shot in crisp, clear black and white on the streets of the 914 themselves. It's not only possible to feel like one is getting to know the M.M.O.B. while watching, but rather hard not to. They are very direct with their audience and comfortable with performing on camera, and while the track itself is an extremely compelling addition to DRA and Hi-Def's repertoire (not to mention Lavoe's, who particularly shines) the video is a fantastic introduction to M.M.O.B. for music fans who haven't met them yet.

“914 We Go Hard” by M.M.O.B. is available online everywhere beginning April 22, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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