Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jaded Ibis Productions releases compilation LP 'Edible Flowers'

The eclectic and forward-thinking publishing house, Jaded Ibis Productions, has released its newest brainchild in the form of a compilation LP, titled, “Edible Flowers.” The comp contains 16 original tracks for just under an hour's worth of ingenious listening. The record rallies the sonic and literary artistry of many Jaded Ibis writers, and serves as a marvelous introduction for readers and listeners alike to one of North America's most imaginative and adventurous publishers.

These tracks cover a broad spectrum of genres and make for an exceptionally intellectual experience. “Edible Flowers” is suitable for a surprisingly elastic array of circumstances, as well, such as a respectable and interesting background for a cocktail party, driving around town, personal listening, and more. Some tracks contain material of a shocking, mature nature, though this is for purposes of artistic expression and by no means warrants the obligatory “Parental Advisory” sticker.

“Monster” by Resident Anti-Hero is not unlike the brutal, beer-bottle honesty of Charles Bukowski, for instance, and the tone of “Logical Conclusion,” by Yasutoshi Yoshida, is reminiscent of the stone-cold sociopathy of Chuck Palahniuk's characters. These are perhaps the grittiest tracks, but artists OC Notes and Lisa Dank also boast three funky, deep-groove songs decorated with rarefied writing of a highly sexual and socially conscious nature.

A strong, beautiful digital music presence exists on the album, too. Patch Rubin's tracks are lofty piano compositions mixed with ambient digital orchestration for a refined, spacious sound. Paul D. Miller (often billed as DJ Spooky) creates remarkable, striking digital remixes of classical compositions from Bach.

Other tracks on “Edible Flowers” are more stylistically traditional. John Gallagher provides a magnificent track of guitar and vocals called “No One Told Me I Was Going to Disappear,” which has a slightly Latin-flavored tone and gorgeous, folk-music sensibility. “Ready to Burn” features the combination of Tornado in a Jar's flawless guitar playing and Betsy Carney's fresh, unadorned vocals. These tracks easily exceed the quality of most singer-songwriter pieces on mainstream radio today.

Among the most literary pieces comes material taken from “Your Metaforest Guidebook” by Anna Joy Springer, Rachel Carns, and Tara Jane O’Neill. These three spoken-word songs form a psycho-spiritual, metaphysical, and highly poetic exodus into the multifarious possibilities of being.

In addition to being a collection of the finest sonic art available today, Jaded Ibis' “Edible Flowers” also represents the high-minded principles of its publishers. Half of the net proceeds from the sales of the record will benefit the Wild Salmon Center, a non-profit organization protecting the last, best wild salmon ecosystems of the Pacific Rim. Jaded Ibis is noted for widespread ecological involvement, as well as for respecting their authors with far greater royalty shares than typical publishing houses.
“Edible Flowers” by Jaded Ibis Productions is available online worldwide in spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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