Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trinity Sin releases new EP album 'Promise'

Trinity Sin, the renowned artist of digital dance music from New York City, has released his long-awaited EP album, "Promise." The EP is the first official release from Trinity Sin since his 2012 single, "Over It," which cemented his name in the East Coast underground dance culture. By far, "Promise" is the most ambitious, powerful, and evocative project from Trinity to date. Largely a change from his familiar dance club material, it contains six original tracks for a total of twenty minutes' listening time, but it is mostly comprised of the naked heart and soul of Trinity Sin, himself.

At the thrumming, vibrant core of the “Promise” EP is an electrifying experimental album from one of the scene's most passionate composers. However, Trinity Sin's record is much more than mere music. It is total and unabashed honesty transfigured into art -- art's finest form. "Promise" isn't just brutally honest, either; it's honest to the bone. For fans of Trinity Sin, it is the living marrow.

The album's most intense and explicit track, "Wasted Time," contains most, but not all, of the album's venom. "F*** the way you kiss. F*** the memories you left me with...I hope you hate yourself," runs a particularly stabbing lyric. Beneath these hard emotions runs a fabric of continuous hope and optimism, however, and a great deal of goodness and decency. Like Trinity Sin's name, "Promise" is part warm, pure light, part deep and painful shadow.

Trinity's sound on “Promise” is keyboard and vocals based, with digital back beats and professionally engineered effects and production on top. His voice is natural and unpretentious, crooning out his palpably earnest writing in tones that communicate as much feeling as his lyrics do, if not more. As usual, most listeners will feel he is at his best on "Promise" when the music is thumping and driving, but there's much more than just his usual exceptional beats in this latest work from Trinity Sin. Fans who stick strictly to the grooves will be pitifully missing out on some truly gorgeous humanity.

The EP "Promise" by Trinity Sin is available online worldwide beginning April 10, 2013.

Note also that licensed Trinity Sin “Promise” merchandise is available at the official TS website.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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