Monday, April 22, 2013

The Six Sixes release self-titled debut LP 'The Six Sixes'

The rock duo from Roswell, GA, known as The Six Sixes have released their eponymous debut record LP, titled, “The Six Sixes.” The album contains 14 original tracks for a total playing time of over 50 minutes, making for a fairly comprehensive and generous introduction to music listeners worldwide. The album is a modern rock title with an honest, independent-label feel to its excellent production, and boasts some of the most creative and fun songwriting the scene has been privy to since the Ramones.

The general sound of “The Six Sixes” by The Six Sixes suggests a combination between Pete Doherty's The Libertines and the hotter numbers on The Jesus and Mary Chain's 1995 album, “Psychocandy.” Like the Mary Chain, The Six Sixes are bursting with restrained aggression that leaks from between their well-penned lines, their melodies colorful and profound, raggedly blurred with a Nirvana-style noisiness over everything.

There is a poppy, Beatles-esque cleverness to their chord progressions, as well as bright, active bass lines that recall the quietly prominent bass of 80s and 90s bands like The Cure. Percussion is straightforward, laid-back, delicately ingenious and as precise as a jazz drummer who does surgery in his spare time.

The result of all this is a form of alt rock that can happily be played under almost any circumstances, although the listener will quickly learn that the louder this album is, the better it sounds. This is at least partially due to their background in electronic dance music, which informs the spacious, cosmic atmosphere of digital effects that surrounds their music like drifting clouds. There are little, subtle sonic details that cannot be properly appreciated unless the listener's stereo is at a 6 of 10.

Concerning the themes in the fantastic writing of their record, The Six Sixes say, “Our debut is sort of about coming of age during the Bush/Obama era. Its lyrical content is romantic, but dystopian. It’s about how love is an illusion.”

“The Six Sixes” by The Six Sixes is available online everywhere beginning April 22, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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