Monday, April 8, 2013

She Said Fire releases debut EP record 'Boom!'

She Said Fire, a contemporary rock band from Brooklyn, NYC, has released their debut EP record album, “Boom!” The record is an aggressive, catchy collection of modern rock songs with some pop and post-emo elements that is chock-full of talent, power and energy. Sporting five of their newest, original tracks and including the recently released and highly acclaimed single, “Funhouse,” “Boom!” represents the most definitive collection of She Said Fire music to date. Funded partially through online pre-release album sales and fan donations, their Kickstarter campaign finished successfully in February with a 15-percent surplus.

She Said Fire was introduced to the international music underground by “Funhouse,” the aforementioned single from their new EP. This single colored their style as contemporary rock with some elements of classic metal bands like Led Zeppelin, but the heart of She Said Fire is much heavier on modern rock tones. The sound is not unlike a more metal-based and somewhat jazzier version of My Chemical Romance, though without My Chemical's characteristic melodrama.

She Said Fire's “Boom!” EP starts with an unforgiving, explosive barrage from drummer Christina Vitucci that hits the listener like the crash of a tidal wave, with guitarists Peter Strzelecki and Chris Moss roaring atop the sound with a piercing vibrancy that is relentless and palpable. Infinitely capable vocalist Joshua Hawksley sings in the pop rock vein of the early 2000s, but with a chaotic and creative style all his own. His timbre recalls a young Axl Rose, crossed with the drawl of Tom Waits and the delivery of Dave Grohl.

The booming success of She Said Fire's Kickstarter campaign bespeaks an almost heartwarming rapport with their East Coast fan base. Live videos of SSF shows abound on the Internet, each of which clearly demonstrates the band's charisma and openness with their audiences. Hawksley, in particularly punk-rock fashion, directly addresses members of the audience between and during songs, making She Said Fire performances practically interactive. Their unpretentious demeanor is unmistakable in the musical character of “Boom!” For a fine example of this, Hawksley and Strzelecki can still be seen performing a soulful, inviting acoustic version of “Funhouse” online.

She Said Fire is the reborn incarnation of NYC-based rock band, The August Infinity, which was comprised of Hawksley, Strzelecki and Moss, and whose “To Whom It May Concern” EP was received with much enthusiasm and anticipation. The addition of Christina Vitucci on drums catalyzed the band and led to the development of the sound encapsulated on “Boom!,” for which the band has permanently rechristened themselves.

The album “Boom!” by She Said Fire is available on iTunes and elsewhere worldwide online beginning April 9, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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