Thursday, April 25, 2013

The June Rise releases new LP 'Of Raging Waters'

The instrumental music project known as The June Rise has released its latest LP, titled, “Of Raging Waters,” to clamorous, universal applause. The album is utterly, shockingly unique, and beautiful to its core. It is a musical representation of order from chaos, cohesion from abstracts, intelligence through incomprehensibility. It is absolutely impossible to quantify, except that no portion of the record consists of anything but wild gorgeousness, untrammeled genius, and the unpretentious creativity of one of the music world's most adventurous composers since John McLaughlin and his Mahavishnu Orchestra.

The June Rise is the musical pen name of Mark Yodice, who personally composes and arranges all of the music on “Of Raging Waters.”

“[I've] loved music from day one,” he writes of his musical past. “Always listening at home; especially fascinated by the guitar at an early age; began playing as a teen and have been ever since…”

While the end result of The June Rise is only implausibly communicated in language, elements can be reasonably extracted for examination. There is a healthy dose of jazz in the album, as well as classical, folk, and progressive rock inspirations.

A great many artistic and philosophical attributes are also present. Postmodernism abounds in “Of Raging Waters.” Deconstructionism is also present in the way Yodice breaks apart seemingly predictable movements and rebuilds entirely new projections from them. There is even a suggestion of the multidimensional nature of time and space – if this can be believed – in his simultaneous, differing melodies, which often braid together without blending, fading in and out of one another with various and inconstant interrelations.

The June Rise, himself, puts it far more succinctly:

“It’s an instrumental record,” he says. “A friend expressed it really nicely – it’s a reflection of our shifting and often overwhelming emotional seas. The title alludes to this, too.”

Intuitively, he names as main musical influences a grab bag of entirely different artists, such as Juana Molina, Bjork, Egberto Gismonti, Bill Evans, The Beatles, Americana, Bela Bartok, the Tin Hat Trio, and “all sorts of ethnic and 'world’ music, like Amiina and Badi Assad.”

No amount of music-listening experience can prepare the hearer for “Of Raging Waters” by The June Rise. Fortunately, however, none is needed. Its excellence is not an acquired taste.

In fact, The June Rise is a musical experience all its own, one that nobody's appreciation of art is intact without hearing. “Of Raging Waters” is available online worldwide in spring, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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