Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dead Man's Thoughts releases new single 'Nothing Left to Do'

The punk rock crew known as Dead Man's Thoughts have released their newest single, “Nothing Left to Do,” on Honey Bunny Records. The track heralds the coming of their forthcoming LP record, “Dusty Road to Nowhere.” The overall sound of “Nothing Left to Do” immediately recalls UK legends The Clash, but a minimalist approach to the instrumentation and structure of the song, as well as a lurking, restrained undercurrent of aggression that permeates the track, hints at Dead Man's Thoughts' more explosive nature.

A look at their charging, riotous 2012 LP, “Ayahuasca,” gives the listener a fuller idea of what “Dusty Road to Nowhere” is likely to entail. One must consider especially the open-minded creativity that resulted in tracks 10 and 12 of that excellent record. Like these surprising songs on “Ayahuasca,” the single “Nothing Left to Do” is a punk rock song from the heart and soul of punk culture, and it says more about the band's bulletproof artistic integrity than it does about playing hard, fast, and loud.

Since the nineteen-nineties, many listeners have considered the term “punk” to be synonymous with one-two beats, harmonic overtones, and simple, pop-music chord progressions the likes of which bands like Green Day and The Offspring made famous. Real music fans know better, though. The punk rock of the seventies and eighties was, on many levels, much more complex, a music scene absolutely exploding with variety and innovation. In many other ways it was also far more basic and musically fundamental. “Nothing Left to Do” proves that modern bands like Dead Man's Thoughts are the proper inheritors of this versatile, unbounded sound.

The guitar tones of “Nothing Left...” are bright, yet edgy, its bass lines prominent, active and agile. Its drums are clever and jazzy, yet unpretentious, utilizing a garage-style kit. True to traditional punk principles, DMT's vocals are direct, raw, and delivered without frills or flamboyance, but also characterized by a high degree of natural skill, something that has never been a prerequisite in the scene.

“The whole album is changing its face like the weather,” writes Dead Man's Thoughts of their upcoming album. “One moment you're looking into the skies and thinking about having a good time, the next you're hit by a song like a bolt from the blue. It`s just like life…”

“Nothing Left to Do” by Dead Man's Thoughts is available online everywhere beginning April 26, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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