Friday, April 5, 2013

Leroy Redding releases new funk and soul LP 'Jolly Hopping'

Atlanta godfather of funk and soul, Leroy Redding, has released his latest collection of original tunes, titled, “Jolly Hopping.” The LP record is comprised of 12 tracks for an approximate total of 45 minutes' worth of old-school, foot-stomping rhythm and groove. Redding's “Jolly Hopping,” true to its name, is exuberant, joyous, full of joie de vivre and good vibes. It is a modern work of funk that is both an instant and timeless classic that no fan of soul, blues, or traditional R 'n' B should miss.

Leroy Redding is a fireball of a performer. His record bursts from the gate with a torrent of soulful sound that hearkens to the funk of the early seventies in terms of tone, beat, and overall flavor. His music is of the same feel-good, hand-clapping tradition that gave the world artists such as Al Green, Otis Redding, BB King, Tyrone Davis, and Johnny Taylor, whom Redding names as his main musical influences, with the addition of Ceelo Green. His music also shares many attributes of Detroit blues favorite, John Lee Hooker. His drum tones are raw and natural, his guitar bright and lively, and every song has a youthful genius running through it that sounds both improvised and lovingly orchestrated at the same time.

Any first-time listener can hear that Leroy Redding is no slouch, but his status as a veteran musician comes from an experience that only the most traveled and worldly artists can rival. He has performed at the Sweet Auburn Festival, the Great Atlanta Music and Blues Festival, the Griffin Music Fest, and other monumental venues. In addition to his adept handling as a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and harmonica player, Redding is also the proud father of a a working actor in modern film.

“Jolly Hopping” by Leroy Redding is available online worldwide beginning 5 April 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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