Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hair of the Beast releases new LP 'Ramblin Whiskey Blues'

Florida rockers Hair of the Beast have released their capital new LP record, “Ramblin Whiskey Blues.”
It contains 10 original tracks for a total playing time of 45 minutes. The style of “Ramblin Whiskey Blues” is modern metal with many speed and thrash elements added for a higher octane, and played over a series of southern and mid-western themes. It almost certainly represents the first example of a new genre that has been called “swamp metal,” and is certain to become the seminal album of this exciting and creative new style of extremely heavy rock 'n' roll.

Our songs are cautionary tales of whiskey drinkin', women, and hell,” writes Hair of the Beast regarding their new record.

As might be guessed from hearing them, they list among their artistic influences the likes of Pantera, Iron Maiden, and the psychobilly country-western artist, Hank Williams III.

Their sound is hammering, white-hot, and full of extremely melodic guitar riffs. Instrumentally, they recall the best moments of Metallica's “Justice for All” album, particularly in the guitar, bass and percussion departments, although with different vocal undertones. Hair of the Beast's vocals are also one of their best traits, at least partially because they're in entirely new territory. Singer Randle Wright's southern-flavored vocals are mainly in the metal vein, but sometimes evoke memories of Alice in Chains vocalist Layne Staley, who often sang with a characteristic drawl not unlike Wright's. The result is very effective in giving “Ramblin Whiskey Blues” a rye flavor all its own.

Hair of the Beast began in the unlikely but fitting locale of New Smyrna Beach, FL in 2010. Founded by lead guitarist “Jammer” Samolinski and front man Randle Wright, they enlisted the help of longtime friends Claudio LaGamaba on drums, Lee Barlow on rhythm guitar, and Johnny Bates on bass. The combination of these artists onstage is electrifying. Each with his own entirely different personal image and character, one does not know what to expect from them until they begin to actually play – and commence to tear the room down.

With an explosive lightning strike such as “Ramblin Whiskey Blues” for their early LP release, it seems clear that Hair of the Beast will take their swamp metal sound to every corner of the world. Here's hoping they make that next record sooner rather than later.

Ramblin Whiskey Blues” by Hair of the Beast is available online everywhere beginning April 17, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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