Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don1 releases newest single 'Fb Crook'

The R 'n' B artst known as Don1 has released his newest single, “Fb Crook,” to wide fan and critical acclaim. The track is a smooth, groovy romantic ballad of the contemporary era. Though Don1 is known for a broad spectrum of music styles, “Fb Crook” is a single that demonstrates his class and openhearted nature, and is sure to turn the heads of music listeners for years to come.

The song features understated back beats and 90s-style synth melodies for instrumentation, but mainly revolves around the considerable talents of Don1, himself. This will come as no surprise to his fans, friends and collaborators, as Don1 has made a name for himself by being capable in a dazzling array of musical areas.

I've been interested [in music] since I was 12 years old,” he writes. He has said that his main inspirations to art were “listening to Bryan McKnight, Boyz 2 Men, and so forth.” The R 'n' B musician also mentions Usher and Tank, making a sensible round that describes the roots of his own tone very well.

An urban renaissance man, Don1 writes, produces, and engineers all of his own material. This explains how he can produce music with such variation, whether it be a heavy-hitting hip hop track or a cool, mellow jam like “Fb Crook.”

Any style there is that my rap artists want, they get,” he writes.

Now that his label, Wicced Records, has been getting some much-deserved notoriety, Don1's limit seems very much to be beyond the sky. Says Don1 of this, “Doing shows in the midwest region, traveling and meeting up with artists like DJ Unk, Amanda Perez, Tech Nine,Yung Jeezy has helped our group grow exponentially. Producing and publishing the albums “Wicced Revelations” (2008) and ”Reloaded” (2011) has only been a stepping stone.”

Fb Crook” by Don1 is available online worldwide beginning April 9, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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