Monday, April 29, 2013

Genio releases new single 'It’s Raining Every Day'

The eclectic singer-songwriter known as Genio has released his newest official single, titled, “It’s Raining Every Day.” The song is a remarkable mix of chord progressions and movements that invite a more full understanding of the nature of life, which Genio reminds us is not always sunshine.

The heart of the track is a general tone of stoic malaise, one which is not melodramatic, but rather philosophical in mood and intelligence. Genio's chords are mostly minors for a dark, rainy sound – appropriately so – and his voice is a surprising, shadowy intonation from somewhere far away, or perhaps lurking above. The overall experience is like a Socratic seminar crossed with a haunted mansion.

In his own words, Genio explains that the point of his song is to remind the world of the darker side of life.

“The title 'It’s Raining Every Day' tells about what we all are going through,” he writes, “sometimes or more than sometimes, in our lives. It tells about having resistance, and feeling down-and-out within. It tells that life is not just a piece of cake, that ups and downs are a part of life for all of us.”

Genio reminds that simply acting positive doesn't necessarily equate to being positive, nor having positive effects on the rest of the world, neither.

“Convulsive positivism does not bring cash-in-hand and happiness within. Better to be balanced and look at negativity as a part of life we have to go through and learn from.”

It’s Raining Every Day” is also a song about humanism, though, about how one can do another wrong for shortsighted reasons.

“Unfortunately, we too often act [badly] towards each other because of our fear and pain, or wounds within,” says the recording artist.

“It's Raining Every Day” is not all clouds, however, and it does not need to culminate in depression following a listen-through. The music is quite beautiful, and Genio's vocals are richly mysterious. The entertainment factor is in its relentlessness. Genio accedes that his song is brutally honest, but also says that this is where all the fun is.

“The song may be an [eye-opener]” he says, “but it's fun to listen to because there's no sign of release or joy in it. It's just terrible to understand the reality of the crooked road we all stumble on. It is too real, but – ” and one can imagine the songwriter smiling here – “it wouldn't be right to sweep it under the carpet.”

“It's Raining Every Day” by Genio is available online worldwide in spring, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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