Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Electronica artists THEBLND release debut EP 'Flashbang'

The Bay Area electronica musicians known as THEBLND have released their debut extended play record, titled, “Flashbang.” The album is an eclectic and sleek work of digital music the likes of which hasn't been seen since bands like the UK's Depeche Mode and France's year-2000 duo, Air. Like both these excellent acts who retain so much popularity, THEBLND creates timeless music that is absolutely well suited to almost any situation, whether it be midnight on an Italian dance floor at an underground club, a night drive through London, or simply taking a walk through one's neighborhood streets in the sunlight.

“Flashbang” serves these many purposes partially out of its own complexity: at over 27 minutes' worth of playing time, it is almost a full length LP release; and the six tracks are various enough to suit just about any mood. Its tone is cool and dark, but not to the point of Gothic inspiration. Its beats are invigorating, strong, and passionate, but not melodramatic or impulsive. The consistent excellence in its composition is one of its most impressive and enjoyable traits. Of especial note is the fifth track, too, which features rapper Felton Parker. It is a standout on the album, and has a soulful, intense character all its own.

“Flashbang” gets its name for the artists' intent to make a powerful experience from a short album. As the album is only an EP release, they succeeded in the latter, but it is in the little record's power that they truly excelled. The compelling nature of these tracks begs for a full-length followup.

“Our idea,” writes THEBLND, “was to make electronic music with dyes of rock using organic sounds, adventuring into new structures and playing with the listener’s mind throughout the EP.”

Hearing them speak of this is remarkably, eerily near to hearing the record, itself.

“Our main objective was to make an EP that would be a short but very powerful experience for the listener. Like a 'Flashbang' [a flare grenade intended to blind enemies].”

The EP has already made a 'bang,' but a flash in the pan it certainly is not.

“Flashbang” by THEBLND is available online everywhere beginning April, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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