Friday, April 19, 2013

Street Vets release new EP 'Ugly (with Bonus Single: Million Bucks)'

The artists of urban music known as Street Vets have released their new EP, titled, “Ugly (with Bonus Single: Million Bucks).” The EP is a heavy-hitting, old-school rap anthem with hard themes and explosive back beats. It is the most significant addition to the growing catalog of Street Vets official releases and features the talents of Street Vets friend, Bizarre (formerly of D12). It includes four renditions of the single “Ugly,” as well as two of the bonus B-side single, “Million Bucks.” Explicit as well as “clean” performances of both singles are also on the EP.

The Chicago team of rappers called Street Vets are Kome Up and Ace B, who met one another while working as busboys at a popular restaurant. As a result of their participation in the Chicago Edition of the Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer, “Ugly”'s B-side single, “Million Bucks,” was published on the Coast 2 Coast mixtape featuring Kendrick Lamar, Roscoe Dash, Future, Rick Ross, Jay-Z and other urban artists.

As “Ugly” clearly shows, Street Vets have been destined for the stage for a long, long time. In fact, the very theme and meaning of “Ugly” is one of a musical prophecy fulfilled.

“'Ugly,'” they write, “sends the message that when Street Vets are present in the studio or onstage, it’s about to go down.” As the song's chorus refrains, when Street Vets take the mic, “It's about to get ugly.”

If the EP communicates anything well, its that the limitless talent of Street Vets is aided by a healthy dose of well-meaning confidence. They are intelligent, fiercely aggressive rappers with poetry in their souls and the streets in their characters. Nothing can get these artists down.

“There are certain celebrities that haters try to knock…but actually, they put things in motion,” write the Vets.

They also make music with the well-being of others in mind, true to form. They are more than mere artists; they're rappers with a humanist perspective.

“The song 'Million Bucks' is a feel-good song meant to make people feel like a 'Million Bucks;' whether they have a lot of money or not,” they write.

“Ugly (with Bonus Single: Million Bucks)” is available online worldwide beginning April 20, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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