Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brielle Marie releases new single 'Luv Me (Queen of Hearts)'

The siren known as Brielle Marie has released her new flagship single, titled “Luv Me (Queen of Hearts)” on the Soulful Mind Ent. music label. True to her label's name, Brielle Marie's latest track is indeed soulful, as well as jazzy, classy, and more sultry than can be imagined without actually hearing her. An introduction for most music fans to this up and coming singer-songwriter, “Luv Me” is a track that Ms. Marie will always be remembered for, though its obvious quality ensures that the world will be hearing much more from her in the very near future and for years to come.

The sound of “Luv Me” is bluesy, yet poppy, somewhat reminiscent of Macy Gray's early records, though much less pretentious and with a much more understated, smooth style. Marie's natural singing voice is crystal clear, light, airy, youthful, and untrammeled by arrogance or pomp. Listening to her sing makes the rest of the music blend into the background, though it is itself packed with rhythm and groove in its own right, and matches her mood beautifully.

Brielle Marie started singing in her church choir when she was very young, where she first developed a heartfelt passion for music. She names as main artistic influences the likes of John Mayer, Elton John, and The Beatles, as well as Bill Weathers and the late Amy Winehouse, with whose musical tone she shares many marvelous attributes.

Regarding the themes of her music, Marie says that she writes “songs with meaning and motivation, real-life music that can relate to people, and situations that happen in everyday life. I try to write music that is inspirational and comes from the heart.”

Inspiration is a key component to the power of Marie's music, in fact.

I changed my stage name to Brielle Marie because it means 'God is my strength.'” she writes. “I want a positive influence and vibe to come out in my music, as well as through myself. I love inspiring people through music as well as being inspired by others through music.”

Her characteristic modesty shines when discussing her art. She continues to say, “I believe that God has truly blessed me with my life, and with my talent and passion for music. I am incredibly thankful for that, and for everyone God has placed in my life to help me along my journey as a music artist.”

Fortunately, music fans can enjoy the newest leg of her musical journey today. “Luv Me (Queen of Hearts)” by Brielle Marie is available online worldwide beginning April 11, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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