Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New York City music artist Davi releases newest single “Til Then”

Davi, a music artist from New York City, has released his latest and greatest single, “Til Then.” the song is a profound contemplation of the passions of life, and a gently rueful celebration of memories, both memories treasured and those yet to be made. “Til Then” is an assertion of humanity, a sound of romance that is neither a serenade exactly, nor a melodrama. It is an homage to living.

Both Davi’s voice and writing are reminiscent of David Bowie’s best qualities. He utilizes plenty of space in “Til Then,” and his smoky, cool notes are not so much sang as they are intoned. Equally gorgeous is the vocal work of his female accompaniment. Davi’s cadence is a stroll through rain, his mood blue and a little shadowy, yet the overall meaning of the song does not translate to anything grim or pessimistic. Rather, “Til Then” is a respectful communication of Davi’s appreciation for the twists and turns of life.

Of this Davi writes that his single was written regarding, “What Life is about: love, friends, relationships, rumors and dreams… Sometimes it’s alright, and sometimes not.” He is an artist who clearly appreciates a sonorous note as well as a good turn of phrase, but “Til Then” comes also with a moral. Davi says, “Enjoy life, the age and stage of the journey, the now and the then. Who knows what will be the end?”

Davi’s “Til Then” was not written unaccompanied. It primes the listener for the rest of his music on the LP “Look Out."

“To me songs are a print of expression in words and melody,” writes the artist. “Every song has something to say, and that's what I hope my songs will tell. [I don’t only want] to tell a story or to be heard, but also to make people happy and escape -- if only for awhile. Look up,” he says, “and look out!”

Davi’s single, “Til Then” is available online everywhere beginning January 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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