Monday, April 8, 2013

Cheryl Dilcher's 'Burning Bridges – We Don’t Do That Anymore!' EP released

Unsung rock legend Cheryl Dilcher's “Burning Bridges – We Don’t Do That Anymore!” EP has been released posthumously to the great delight of fans all over the globe, the surprise publication coming more than 30 years after it was recorded. The EP is comprised of five previously unreleased rock tracks from Dilcher, spanning nearly twenty never-before-heard minutes of playing time. Its title track, the single “Burning Bridges,” is a titanic rock anthem reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane's “Somebody to Love” – easily as powerful – while its closing ballad “Walking on Water” is an excellent example of true sixties psychedelia in the vein of The Velvet Underground.

The dazzling singer-songwriter known as Cheryl Dilcher released her first LP, “Special Songs,” on the brand-new Ampex label in 1970. It showcased Dilcher as a born natural of the six- and twelve-string guitar, a shockingly gorgeous singer, and an earnest, heartfelt writer. Her seminal album, “Butterfly,” followed in 1973 on A&M. The popularity of acoustic music had waned by this time, however, and these stunning records garnered Dilcher a fanatical but relatively small following. 1974's “Magic” (also on A&M) fared little better, and Dilcher's infamous “Blue Sailor” record was released on her own Butterfly Records label in 1977. This last LP came to be one of her best-known records and was published in four versions, once for EMI. It features the spectacular performances of more than 15 different musicians, yet Dilcher soars above them all with sonorous passion and an arresting delivery.

These vinyl LPs are rare, collectable and cherished today, and though much of her material has been lovingly uploaded to the Internet by fans eager to keep her music in circulation, none of the full-length albums were ever re-released in a CD format. This makes Cheryl Dilcher's “Burning Bridges – We Don’t Do That Anymore!” EP the first-ever digitally available Cheryl Dilcher music (with the exception of I, She & Me's 1967 single, “McDougal Street,” available online).

Noted for her titanic, strong female vocals and miraculous guitar work, Cheryl Dilcher was a veritable Grace Slick of the East Coast, though arguably a much better writer, and this EP should not be missed by any true rock 'n' roll music fan today. Dilcher's “Burning Bridges – We Don’t Do That Anymore!” EP is at once a gift, a tribute, and a blessing to us all. It is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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