Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gorilla Crew releases official Gorilla Crew theme song

The animal group of play pals for children known as the Gorilla Crew have released their official theme song for public enjoyment worldwide. The song is an upbeat, infectious, unstoppably catchy rock song in the rockabilly tradition of the 1950s. It features the Crew, themselves, singing, “doo-doobity, doop-doobity, doo-doobity doo” behind the voice of a female lead vocalist. The effect is too fun for mere listening. The hearer is absolutely certain to sing along before the chorus's first refrain. “Doo-doobity, doop-doobity... Doo-doobity, doop-doobity...” It can't be helped. Children and adults alike will find themselves part of the Gorilla Crew long before the relatively brief theme song is over.

The Gorilla Crew are Gary, Zena, Cheetah, and Joey, lovable characters viewable at the official Gorilla Crew website (link below). They are icons of positive play through interactive gaming. The Crew's games are intended to provide hours of fun for children, but also intelligent and meaningful education. Gorilla Crew makes a point of teaching many upright and sensible principles, such as how to eat healthy foods, stay physically fit, keep a confident attitude, and maintain a proper sense of responsibility to the environment.

These important skills are taught through the colorful personalities of the Crew's members. Joey is a kangaroo with a passion for the earth's ecosystem, and keyboardist in the Gorilla Crew band. “He’s smooth, cool and listens to jazz music in his spare time,” writes the Crew's creators. Zena the zebra provides lead vocals. “She's a free spirit,” they remark, “and a champion for healthy eating. She loves carrots.” Gary the mountain gorilla plays drums. “He’s all about teaching confidence. Gary, the gentle giant, has the motto: 'be unique,'” say the Gorilla Crew's creators. This leaves Cheetah, the comedian. Intuitively, Cheetah is an athlete and the group's guitarist. Each of these animals comes from a distinct region of Africa, where hundreds of such animal species are extremely endangered and on the virtual brink of extinction.

The Gorilla Crew's own vision is included below, reprinted in its entirety from the Gorilla Crew website. The Gorilla Crew theme song is available online everywhere.

What is the Gorilla Crew Vision?

To create games and products loved by children, parents, caregivers, educations, family, friends and everyone else!

To make a positive impact on the lives of children.

To make a difference to the environment.

It’s all about positive play!”

What are the Gorilla Crew Values?

All our products are tested by kids to make sure they have an amazing time. Our products promote important environmental responsibility messages, and learning about current environmental issues. Our products are aimed at encouraging expression of individuality. No third-party banner or advertisement aimed at children will be displayed through our online games. We only advertise our own games and products.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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