Friday, April 19, 2013

DJArrey releases new dance single 'Night in Stockholm'

The digital music disc jockey known as DJArrey has released his new dance single, titled, “Night in Stockholm,” to broad fan and critical acclaim. The song is a melodic, synth-driven single with digitally orchestrated back beats and a bevy of striking effects. Its main chord progression is fun, catchy and powerful in its fugue-like presentation, very well implemented and as excellent for dancing in underground music clubs on Friday night as it is for night drives through the city. A song in the tradition of house music, it is unique in its subtler use of percussion, a style not often utilized in the subgenre of electronica music.

These traits set “Night in Stockholm” apart from many other dance singles, which is partially what DJArrey has been known for in his music. Arrey has been recognized for instrumentation that may include such unlikely elements as guitars, flutes, saxophones, and other brass instruments in his pieces. This highly personalized style of music production likely has its roots in West Africa, which is where DJArrey first grew up.

Arrey was born and raised in Cameroon. His first musical stint was as a performer in an a-cappella boys' group at the age of 12. He sang in this capacity for four years. In addition to being rated the #2 dance artist on, he is also studying to be a medical doctor with his graduation date set for 2017. At University of Texas, Arlington, he also is the founder and president of “Get More Out of College,” a non-profit institution providing free resources to college students worldwide who are studying the biological sciences.

Upon being asked what inspires him to create upbeat, delightful tracks like “Night in Stockholm,” Arrey says simply, “Making music ignites my spirit and reminds me of the beauty of life.”

Night in Stockholm” is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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