Tuesday, April 16, 2013

George Mikhail releases new LP 'Our Mind'

Greek composer George Mikhail has released his newest LP record album, titled, “Our Mind.” The record is comprised of nine tracks for a total of 40 minutes' listening time. It is categorized as neo-classical, electronic, or new-age music, the latter perhaps being best suited stylistically, though Mikhail does not espouse any obvious philosophies to accompany the listening. Its title may hint at a collective consciousness or psychological principle, but “Our Mind” is entirely a work of musical art, and even genius.

This album is an aural mosaic of the positive aspects of the human nature and the potential of 'Our Mind' in this new millennium,” says Mikhail, himself.

Mikhail's new album is an ambient, spacious work of sound that showcases the natural beauties of the inner mind by suggesting atmospheres and scenarios. The listener hears tribal, native sounds such as ancient percussion instruments and tropical birds. These are accompanied by digital beats and synth effects like those used by psychedelic bands, such as Pink Floyd and Yes, for a mix that is ethereal, enchanting, intriguing and comforting. “Our Mind” has moments of conflict, too, but Mikhail does not dwell on these so much as to make the music tense or melodramatic.

George Mikhail is an incredibly well-schooled composer. He studied piano and composition at the Music School of Athens, as well as at the Music Academy of Nice. He studied piano at the Conservatoire de Paris, and musicology at the Parisian University of Sorbonne. His first official LP record album, “Perspectives,” was released in 1997 and republished in digital form online worldwide in January of 2013. His music has been played on European radio and featured in theatrical plays. He is a member of the SACEM and ADAMI of France as a composer and performer, respectively.

He names as main influences on his work the talented and popular likes of Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Enigma, and Lisa Gerrard.

Our Mind” by George Mikhail is available online everywhere beginning April 16, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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