Monday, April 29, 2013

Tray Chaney releases debut EP 'Hungry, Humble, Honest, Vol. I'

Tray Chaney, the actor best known for his role as Poot in HBO's hit program, “The Wire,” has released his debut hip hop EP, titled, “Hungry, Humble, Honest Vol. I.” The album is comprised of six solid tracks with the traditional urban underground sound, but without the typical hip hop themes of cash, grass, and promiscuity to accompany it.

In fact, Chaney has made quite a name for his new rap career with his hit single and video, “Live,” which is subtitled as his “World AIDS Anthem.” The track encourages sexually active people to use their brains before engaging other portions of their bodies. To emphasize this point, Chaney's video was shot on location at the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

This is typical of Chaney's rap in this first official offering – it is intellectual, respectable, dignified, and fantastically poetic. His rhymes are slick, quick, and seemingly off the cuff. He turns phrases like an F1 car turns corners. The beats bump, the groove is deep, and true to the title of the record, Chaney's lines are nothing but true, true, true.

“I want to give the fans all of my personal experiences,” says the up and coming rap artist. “'Hungry' represents me wanting to put my all in whatever I do. 'Humble' represents how I appreciate all the joy and pain to a certain extent that I have experienced. It makes me a better person. 'Honest' gives that true essence of how I feel about certain situations. You will be able to hear the honesty throughout the whole EP.”

He's right, too. One can tell that the man isn't fooling with his audience, simply by listening.

The world can judge for itself, though. “Hungry, Humble, Honest, Vol. I” is available online worldwide in spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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