Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Three Parts Dead release debut self-titled EP 'Three Parts Dead'

The East Coast US band known as Three Parts Dead have released their eponymous debut EP record, “Three Parts Dead.” The album includes five original tracks for approximately 20 minutes' playing time. It serves as a stunning, even shocking introduction to a group that has weathered years of lineup changes to appear in their present, evolved and most stunning incarnation. Three Parts Dead stands as part of the growing evidence that musicians are returning to the soul of excellent music and getting off the industry's last, lame bandwagons.

Three Parts Dead is difficult to place in terms of sound without referring to fairly obscure bands, because the 3PD sound is located between the usual lines. There was a brief time at the beginning of alternative rock that blended elements of glam and metal, creating seminal bands like the legendary Mother Love Bone (who in turn helped create Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and others). “Three Parts Dead” by 3PD has many – many, God bless them – many of the triumphantly exultant attributes of those early alternative bands.

Three Parts Dead vocalist Mike Patton sings with a gritty, arrogant, gorgeous voice that is reminiscent of Mother Love Bone's singer, Andrew Wood. Patton is passionate, dynamic, and delivers his lines with an arresting flair and understated style that bespeaks his excellent taste. Bass player JC and drummer Ramon Miquilena play like pyromaniac Siamese twins, joined at the point of groove but each explosive at their respective instruments. 3PD also sports the fighter-pilot quickness of “Fitz” Fitzback on lead guitar, who is capable of sonorous ballad melodies as well as screaming, antagonizing riffs like the one-note middle finger he plucks out at the crescendo of “Tattoo'd Toy,” the likes of which hasn't been done since Bad Religion's “Atomic Garden” solo in 1991.

This latter reference to nineties punk rock hints at another ingredient to the Three Parts Dead sound, that aforementioned tone and style of which is so hard to pin down. There have been bands between the genres that, like 3PD, were metal without glam, emotional hardcore without “emo,” alternative without – well, they were just alternative. The remarkable vocals, flawless songwriting, and high-octane charge of 3PD will make fans of Into Another (also from the East Coast) love Three Parts Dead instantly. Fans of Southern California's Farside will also hear many excellent similarities. The EP is not an homage to what was, though. It is an affirmation, a declaration that, regardless of all today's try-hard music that isn't any fun anymore, Three Parts Dead is out there slaying it, adrenaline rushing in visible waves through the audience, kicking absolute and total backside.

Craig Wettner of the popular music blog, “Blogs N' Roses” writes of their debut self-titled EP, “Put 'Three Parts Dead' on your stereo in your Ford Festiva and you will arrive at least 10 minutes early. You can't help but mash down the accelerator when a song like 'Feed' comes on.”

Nevertheless, as explosive and thrilling as this power-packed little EP is, fans swear that seeing 3PD perform firsthand is the real deal, and their live shows continue to garner worrisome amounts of infamy on the East Coast. “You might regret it the next morning,” threatens their bio, “but you’re guaranteed to love it at the time.”

Three Parts Dead” by Three Parts Dead is available everywhere online beginning April 17, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer
With Material from Craig Wettner

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