Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Super Fifty Five releases debut EP 'Laws of Attraction'

The New Brunswick punk band known as Super Fifty Five have released their debut EP record, titled, “Laws of Attraction.” The record includes five new original tracks for a total playing time of 23 minutes. It serves as a powerful and immediate introduction to punk rock fans who have not yet heard the Canadian-grown Super Fifty Five, as well as cements SFF in the chronicles of the modern underground punk rock scene.

Super Fifty Five is a melodic three-piece outfit with roots in indie rock, grunge and alternative rock, and of course punk rock. Their brand of punk, like all the best punk bands, is not categorized according to what Jello Biafra once called “loud fast rules appeal,” but rather by their raw, naked and uncompromising artistic integrity in songwriting and performance. Every chord, beat, and line sounds absolutely genuine – cannot be composed of anything but the musical creativity and passion of Jeff Watson, Ben Sullivan, and Sly Gagnon, SFF's sole members.

The three players started their respective music careers in disparate areas of Canada, and played very different kinds of music before coming together as Super Fifty Five. These various backgrounds show themselves in gorgeous, fundamentally basic yet profound songs like “Neon City” and “She Smiles.” In fact, the bulk of “Laws of Attraction” is extremely sonorous, much like the mellower songs of 7 Seconds in their “Ourselves” era, not at all not the sort of thrash people usually stereotype punk rock to be. The timbre of “She Smiles” is also reminiscent of “Lost Highway” by the Angry Samoans, though much darker in tone.

Their opening and closing songs, “I'm Sorry Son” and “The Bane,” respectively, are much more upbeat tracks that are also colored by their indie and alternative rock elements. These are poppier, more dynamic songs with a strong groove and remarkable amount of power, especially for a trio. The sound of these exclamation points has the tonality of Husker Du and the attitude of bands like Down By Law and No Use For A Name. Contrasted against the more emotionally complex songs in between, a perfect balance is struck between them for an entirely perfect first release.

The 'Laws of Attraction' EP brings a mix of passion, joy, anger, rebellion, celebration and a collective love of music and sound,” writes Super Fifty Five of their new record. “We tackle some pressing issues of the day and bring a message of sound to be interpreted by our listeners. Our music is meant to take you away from your current reality and let your thoughts go free, and just feel what you interpret from each song.”

Laws of Attraction” by Super Fifty Five is available online worldwide beginning April 17, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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