Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vaughty releases new electronica single 'Endless Road'

The music artist known as Vaughty has released his newest electronica single, titled, “Endless Road,” on the Aggro Monkey Records label. The song is a dance-floor friendly anthem with upbeat, emotionally charged chord progressions, and 80s-style synth instrumentation. Fans of Vaughty's underground cult-classic, “Warm Inside,” will not be disappointed by the familiar new-wave sensibilities Vaughty loves to fill his music with, and which keep listeners clamoring for more from the young and endlessly fun composer.

Perhaps most remarkable about this latest Vaughty single, which is an instant classic and for which he is certain to be known in short time, is how time flies when one listens to it. At just under five minutes long, the track is relatively comprehensive, yet it seems over just as soon as it has started. This temporal shift is not unlike the experience of “Warm Inside,” which is approximately the same length and also seems to always end too soon. Vaughty music – and “Endless Road” in particular – inspires a yearning need for more Vaughty music. It's addicting. One chain-smokes his singles in repetition.

Part of the unstoppable flavor of “Endless Road” is that Vaughty has re-orchestrated the track from a nearly forgotten song of yesteryear, with which he fell in love and felt compelled to recreate it from his own vision, like da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa.

“It's a cover song,” Vaughty says of this. “It was originally written by Alides Hidding and performed by his band, the Time Bandits, in 1985.”

The Bandits' distinctive eighties feel is retained, and even polished up by Vaughty's rendition. He has also added the more nineteen-nineties elements for which his music is famed and adored, many attributes of which he shares with early electronica bands like Depeche Mode.

His vocals, provided by himself in his shadowy, yet strangely comforting tone, are far more stylistic than those of the original. The enrapturing, angelic voice of frequent Vaughty collaborator, Jenny Palmer, make “Endless Road” a work of such delicate finery that no music fan can ignore the secret treasure that is Vaughty any longer.

Fortunately, no music fan has to. “Endless Road” is available online worldwide beginning spring of 2013. Very un-fortunately, however, the Vaughty LP is still some time off. At least the world can content itself with this little piece of musical perfection in the meantime.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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