Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Citadel releases new LP 'Velvet Tigris'


The Texas progressive metal act known as Citadel have released their latest LP record, titled, “Velvet Tigris.” The album is comprised of 12 original tracks for just over an hour's worth of listening. It has been long awaited by their ever-growing legion of fans both in their home area and abroad, and represents the most significant collection of Citadel songs to date. “Velvet Tigris” is the debut LP release from Citadel.

Citadel cites as main artistic influences contemporary metal groups such as All That Remains, Extol, The Human Abstract, Ovid's Withering, and Born of Osiris. Given such a coherently bound list of metal, alt- rock and modern progressive bands, it is natural that Citadel themselves exhibit many of the best qualities of said bands. Their drums are machine guns. Their vocals alternately screech, soar, grate and growl. Their bass is like the sound of a living, malicious undertow and their guitars are like the violins of demon spawn.

This last simile is misleading, however. Citadel is a crew of spiritually conscientious rock artists. Their official bio proclaims clearly: “The members [of Citadel past and present] were, and are, driven by their Christian faith and wish to spread the Word through their music.”

In addition to its undeniable metal sound, Citadel's “Velvet Tigris” is also an unwinding narrative and a concept album. This narrative has at its heart a staunch morality that bespeaks the spiritual strength of these young men.

“The album tells a story,” they write, “about the destructive nature of lust in its many forms. As the protagonist continues throughout the story, he encounters many different forms of lust, whether it be lust for power, lust for flesh, etc. until he eventually overcomes the sin that has taken control of his life.”

Citadel are the ex-members of the band Perfect Vision (John Wesley, Mike Osborn and Bradey Bates) joined by newcomer Dallas McNeely.

“Velvet Tigris” by Citadel is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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