Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Wandering releases new EP 'Halfway to Vegas'


The rock crew from Brisbane, Australia known as the Wandering have released their flagship EP record, titled, “Halfway to Vegas.” The album is comprised of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes. More than mere music, the “Halfway to Vegas” debut EP introduces this remarkable band's art as part narrative, part atmospheric experience, part personal journey. It is the most significant and striking official release from the Wandering to date, and serves as a harbinger promising titanic further accomplishments from these brilliant artists in the future.

“Halfway to Vegas” must be categorized as rock music in the end, but there are many facets to the Wandering's sonic character. Elements of blues, indie and pop music are easily found in their style, and they often exhibit attributes of experimental rock such as that by Pink Floyd and the Doors. They employ synthesizer tones with live instruments, and have dual lead vocalists, male and female. Their live shows are famous for bringing storytelling and stagecraft to enfold the crowd into an interactive experience that goes beyond spectatorship and audiophilia.

One source writes of a Wandering live show that “Their songs don’t just tear at your heart; they grab your throat, taking you on a bittersweet journey of love and loss, loneliness and longing, courage and despair.”

Their official bio, in celebrating the September 2012 release of the “Halfway to Vegas” debut EP, writes of the record's theme and importance to the band that, “It’s neither an end nor a beginning; it’s just about the journey.”

Online music critic Barrelfish writes of them, “Saw The Wandering last night at the Tempo. Sensational! You guys are one of the most interesting Brisbane bands I have seen. Keep it up.”

The Wandering are:
Amon Woulfe (vocals, guitar)
Audra McHugh (vocals, keys)
Kristian Fromyhr (lead guitar)
AL Sutton (bass guitar)
Nick Stanton (drums)

“Halfway to Vegas” by the Wandering is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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