Thursday, October 3, 2013

Silent Burden release new LP 'Primal [Special Edition]'


The Swedish band of post-industrial musicians known as Silent Burden have released their latest LP record, titled, “Primal [Special Edition].” The album includes 14 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of more than an hour, making this rendition of “Primal” the most comprehensive collection of Silent Burden material to date. It has been released on the Lab Complete Productions music label. An intelligent, groovy, and powerful journey through an alien landscape of dark electronica, Silent Burden's “Primal [Special Edition]” is one of the most creative and enjoyable records of the year so far.

Silent Burden is a collaboration between composer and producer Zebior, and singer-songwriter Prosperia Dox. Their music is powerful, danceable, and intriguing, their lyrics poetic, clever, and mysterious. Lyrical themes include such topics as art, culture, history, mythology or even environmental issues. In addition, a continuous story unfolds from song to song in “Primal” that begins by convincing listeners to “Open the Gate,” to delve further by “Entering the Realm,” and finally to come to rest in the deeps at “Anchor.”

“It is time-consuming craftsmanship,” they write, “but we do it for the pleasure of creating and to make people feel and think.”

Silent Burden cite as main artistic influences such artists as David Bowie, Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Kate Bush, and Marilyn Manson on Prosperia Dox's part, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, The Cure, and DAF on Zebior's, as well as 80s synth crews like VNV Nation, Hocico, Clan of Xymox, Assemblage 23 and Seabound.

When asked what message their album communicates to their legion of fans around the world, Silent Burden replies with four distinct lines, reproduced faithfully here:

“Stop running towards the future. Breathe, embrace and be in the present.

We want to reach people, to make them listen, feel, participate and think.

We make electronic music and lyrics for both the soul and mind.

No matter how dark things get, always try to stay strong; there is always a silver lining if you choose to look.”

The remarkable beauty and rhythm of “Primal [Special Edition]” is available online worldwide beginning 5 October 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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