Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Screams of Desire releases debut single 'Walk On By'


The solo music project known as Screams of Desire has released the long-awaited debut single, “Walk On By.” The song has been released on the Desire Music record label. A corresponding official music video for the single has also been made available for viewing online. A timeless romantic tragedy revolving around themes with which anyone can relate, “Walk On By” is a heartfelt disclosure of profound emotional suffering and an undeniable work of great beauty.

Screams of Desire is the professional name of singer and songwriter Brad Lawrence. Lawrence cites as main artistic influences rock artists such as Slash, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Guns N' Roses, and Cold Play. Though this recipe would suggest a sound on the heavy metal and stadium rock side of the spectrum, “Walk On By” leans hard on the Cold Play and John Mayer end. Fans of higher-octane music will not be disappointed by Scream of Desire tracks such as “Take Me Back” and “One More Night,” though, also available for listening online. Still, “Walk On By” remains one of SoD's greatest achievements to date.

“Every song I create tells a story that I have experienced or that I am passionate about,” writes Lawrence, “and I hope that my music touches the hearts and souls of my fans.”

Doubtless, it is difficult to ignore pangs of real sympathy while listening to “Walk On By.” The performer clearly feels the emotions that were the original inspiration for the song, and the official music video showcases more earnestness and genuine emotion than is usually portrayed on the large screen or small, let alone in music.

Speaking of the themes explored in “Walk On By,” Lawrence writes, “It is actually a very heartbreaking song, a story of loss. [There is an] enduring pain that cannot be relieved no matter how hard the struggle within is, and forgiveness is not an option due to pain that has been caused to the other individual.”

“Walk On By” by Screams of Desire is available online worldwide, as is the official music video.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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