Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Louisiana's 'Blues in da Parish Festival' releases multimedia CD


Louisiana's famous celebration of blues music, the “Blues in da Parish Festival,” has released an official multimedia CD commemorating their hugely successful debut in 2012. The festival itself is an annual occurrence with its second iteration happening on October 26th (originally the 5th, postponed for hurricane Karen). It is held on the scenic Docville Farm in Violet, LA, at the historic landmark of St. Bernard Parish. The festival showcases expert contemporary blues musicians from all over the region and is free to the public with no admission charge. The “Blues in da Parish Festival” album includes both audio and video.

Facebook pages exist for both the Docville Farm and the Blues in da Parish Festival, where additional details may be derived.

The “Blues in da Parish Festival” multimedia CD boasts live audio recordings of the following performers: 30x90 Blueswoman (“Close to You,” “Queen Bee”), the Dana Abbott Band (“Oo We La La,” “You're Mine”), Jonathon Long & Blues Revolution (“Catfish Blues,” “Blues Revolution”), Kenny Acosta (“Hot Dog,” Justice Blues”), Mike Darby & the House of Cards (“Baby's Gone,” “I'm Outta Here”), and Lil Red & Big Bad (“Ace Up My Sleeve,” “Shoes for My Blues”).

The CD also comes with a generous selection of special bonus videos from the festival, including “Celebrating St. Bernard Parish,” Gaye Adegbalola (“Women in the Blues”), Jonathon Long & Blues Revolution (“Catfish Blues”), 30x90 Blueswoman (“Close to You”), Mike Darby & the House of Cards (“I'm Outta Here”), David Evans (“Thoughts on the Blues”), Ted Giola (“Introduction to the Blues”), the Dana Abbott Band (“Oo We La La”), Kenny Acosta (“Hot Dog”), and Lil Red & Big Bad (“Ace Up My Sleeve”).

The record stands as a testament to the vivacious blues spirit that thrives at Louisiana's “Blues in da Parish Festival,” and is an excellent, genuine addition to the annals of recorded blues history.

The “Blues in da Parish Festival” multimedia CD is available online worldwide. Louisiana residents should take note of the upcoming second annual festival, Oct. 26th.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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