Wednesday, October 9, 2013

StrongWill releases debut EP 'Today Not Yesterday'


The power-pop rock band known as StrongWill have released their anxiously awaited debut EP record, titled “Today Not Yesterday.” The album comes to the enthusiastic applause of an ardent, thriving and rapidly growing fan base. It is comprised of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 23 minutes. A rocking, remarkably powerful little record with octane to spare and endless amounts of heart and soul, “Today Not Yesterday” is steeped in the straightforward American punk-rock spirit and represents one of the year's most innervating, inspirational garage albums.

StrongWill is composed of the Voyles brothers and sisters, Mikayla “KK” Voyles (guitar), Madison Voyles (vocals, guitar), Kody Voyles (drums), and Karson Voyles (bass). Together, their chemistry is undeniable and stunningly consistent, as if the four were of the same mind in every tick, beat, and measure of their music. Their songwriting is natural and seems to come easily to them. Their sound is plainly genuine, raw, and driving in its moments of aggression, arresting in times of delicate gentleness.

Riding atop the wave of sound produced by the instrumentation of her sister and brothers, lead singer Madison Voyles is the most ostentatious of the crew at first listen. With a lilting, impetuous singing voice that is halfway between the style of the 1980s punk-rock girls and the more tender passion of 1990s singer-songwriters, Madison sounds not unlike a female Eddie Vedder. With creative drumming, rock-solid bass lines, razor sharp guitar riffs and vocals that snare the listener's attention like a trap, StrongWill takes elements of melodic '90s pop punk and stirs them into a prominent character that is all their own.

StrongWill cite as main artistic influences bands like Switchfoot, Tenth Avenue North, Lecrae, and Blink 182.

Asked to describe the inherent message their debut record has in store for their fans, a representative of StrongWill writes, “StrongWill hopes that their music causes people to have hope and encouragement in their lives. It is about accepting ourselves, and others for who they are.”

“Today Not Yesterday” by StrongWill is available online worldwide beginning 12 October 2013. Get in early! These up-and-coming artists are sure to shake the rock category right down to its foundations.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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