Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yotsura Ne releases new LP 'Tradition and Modernity'


The composer and performer known as Yotsura Ne (寄絃音) has released his latest and most comprehensive record to date, an LP titled “Tradition and Modernity.” The record is comprised of 17 original, instrumental tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour. An exploration into both the subtle and ostentatious differences between the Japan of yesterday and the technological, international titan that it has become, “Tradition and Modernity” is a sonic celebration of all that was Japan, all that is Japan, and all that Japan will one day be.

I started to play piano when I was six or seven,” writes Yotsura Ne. “That’s my first music experience. But I actually started to compose music after going to the university.”

He names as main artistic influences Underworld, the Harp on Mouth Sextet, Ken Ishii, and 4hero. His music is couched in the digital style of composition, but retains many attributes of non-synthetic music. In later songs his record evokes images of cars, skyscrapers, and buzzing electricity. In earlier ones, Yotsura Ne utilizes layers of natural, warm overtones for an out-of-doors, rural Japanese feel. This dichotomy is at the heart of the record's theme.

The album represents how Japan has been influenced and changed by modernization and Westernisation since the late Edo period,” he writes. “Each song represents a picture of the nation at some period of history. The 17 songs are in a chronological order starting from late 19th century 'til present, except the last song, which represents the essence of cultural identity as 'Home.'”

Still, the divide is not so clear in real life. Likewise, Yotsura Ne's album braids the past with the present.

Sometimes tradition comes back more, or jumps to modernity in different ways – just like driving on a winding road of the development of the nation.”

When asked if there might be a philosophy or meaning to his “Tradition and Modernity” album as a whole, he replies, “There is no right answer of how tradition and modernity have to coexist, but somehow people always stand on their own cultural background like the songs on this album does.
I hope listeners can enjoy the music and its atmosphere!”

The beauty and imagination of “Tradition and Modernity” by Yotsura Ne are available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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