Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saggi Earthtones releases EP 'My Earthtones'


The singer and songwriter known as Saggi Earthtones has released her latest EP record, titled, “My Earthtones.” The record is comprised of four original Saggi Earthtones tracks, including the hit single “Mad Ova You,” as well as “The World,” “Such a Fool,” and “Gotta Survive.” It is Saggi Earthtones' debut EP release and has been garnering momentum in both the United States and abroad.

Saggi Earthtones takes her name from the astrological symbol Sagittarius. An overachiever by nature, she has spent at least as much time in academics as she has polishing her musical skills. She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BA degree in political science and a minor in non-profit administration and management. She has also obtained an MPA in law and public policy. She is well-respected for her consistently selfless contributions to the betterment of society by assisting with projects in her community, and by mentoring those in need.

Her official bio describes her “educational background, her professional history and most of all her faith in the Most High” as a “catalyst for who she has become.”

Earthtones prides herself in making music that is more than mere pop, but rather, has messages to convey to the listener.

“It's gratifying to me,” she writes, “to make music that means something, music that is positive and loving, music that touches the soul and the mind.”

Lyrical themes that Earthtones focuses on are socially conscientious, compassionate, and often personal. She describes her music as being rooted in “the issues of life and love. [I make a point to] paint the picture for a person to see a new way to live with a better understanding of oneself and others, of struggles and celebrations of life.”

“My Earthtones” by Saggi Earthtones is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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