Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ginger BreadMan releases new single, 'Brand New'


The singer and songwriter of rap and hip-hop music known as Ginger BreadMan has released his latest single, titled “Brand New.” The single is the debut single from Ginger BreadMan's upcoming LP release, “R.O.T.Y.” Both the single and the LP have been published on the TinismDotc0m music label. A standout track with solid, non-intrusive back beats and some of the best rap writing and performing of 2013 so far, “Brand New” by Ginger BreadMan represents an arresting early look at what is sure to be a sterling and powerful full-length record.

Ginger BreadMan is the professional name of Tshegofatso Seroalo, who is from South Africa's scholarly city of Potchefstroom. His having grown up in an intellectual locale informs his music. This cultural boon quickly becomes apparent in rapid-fire turns of phrase, surprisingly adroit diction, and urban poetry spat with the skill of a lifelong performer.

"I started rapping around about the age of 14,” writes BreadMan, “recorded my first song at 16, and have not looked back since."

He cites as main artistic influences only four legendary hip-hop artists: Jay Z, Prokid, HHP, and Drake. This front-running release, “Brand New,” is being touted by TinismDotc0m as the flagship single of BreadMan's soon-to-be-released LP. It is being concurrently published with an official music video, teasers and trailers for which are widely available online.

“It's my story,” Ginger BreadMan writes concerning the themes of “Brand New” and “R.O.T.Y.” "[It's about my] personal experiences. Some songs capture my interpretation of true hip-hop and where it captivated me. I also paint scenarios of a young artist trying to carve his space in this elusive world of entertainment and the challenges he faces along the way.”

The focus of the album certainly isn't on the dramatic, however.

“More importantly,” BreadMan concludes, “it's a celebration of this pop culture which I fell in love with as a teen.”

“Brand New” by Ginger BreadMan is available 3 October 2013 worldwide.

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