Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hoyt Hughes releases new single 'All Good in the Woods'


The award-winning country music artist from Florida known as Hoyt Hughes has released his latest single, titled, “All Good in the Woods.” The single is the public's first taste of his upcoming album. The single and the album are being released on the Blue Bolt Records music label. A contemporary, upbeat country tune with a pop-style hook and genuine bluegrass roots, “All Good in the Woods” by Hoyt Hughes is already turning heads throughout the country music scene.

Hughes' music career has its beginnings in his family. “I can remember Dad gathering up the band and performing on the front porch,” he writes. “The whole neighborhood would end up in the yard before the night was over with. I used to play the spoons with my daddy’s band...and buck dance... Ha ha! that was years and years ago; [my music] has slowly progressed from there.”

Progressing from there was an authentic American country sound that is plain to hear in “All Good in the Woods.” Yet Hughes also has a rascally rambunctious style all his own. He isn't a cookie-cutter country musician. Though he spent his youth dreaming of playing country music onstage, as a teen he did most of this daydreaming on the coast of Florida. He writes, “You could find me most weekends on my surfboard, catching some waves down at Cocoa Beach.”

Hughes cites as main artistic influences only two names, both legends and founders of the country tradition: George Jones and Conway Twitty. Elements of each are easily noted in his direct, yet easygoing vocal delivery.

Speaking of the theme of “All Good in the Woods,” Hughes is characteristically straightforward.

“'All Good in the Woods' to me,” he writes, “is to kick back with great company, family and friends, leaving stress behind, and just enjoy.”

Hughes tours the United States on an ever-more-regular basis and has a growing, international fan base, but is perhaps most noted in the scene for his humanist efforts. He often headlines benefit shows for such charitable organizations as the Shriners, Leukemia, and Lymphoma Societies.

“All Good in the Woods” by Hoyt Hughes is available online worldwide beginning 24 October 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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