Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rapper YB releases new official video 'Ambition'


The rapper known as YB has releases his latest official video, titled, “Ambition.” The video, as well as the bulk of YB's catalog, has been published on the Forever After Money Records (F.A.M.) music label. It is the most significant official release from YB since the publication of his May 2013 LP record album on the F.A.M. Records label, “College Boy Thoughts 2.”

The video was shot by YB friend @eluzaij21 and directed by @yungbran (YB), himself, making it one of the more genuine and personal hip-hop music videos produced this year, while retaining all of the professional precision and clarity of major music industry releases. Now only at the age of 19, YB has proven with this particular video (as well as other high-quality releases) that he can trade punches with the best rappers and producers in the underground urban scene today.

YB is the common billing name of Arkansas rapper, producer, photographer and digital graphics designer, Young Brandon (often stylized YungBran or @yungbran, after his popular Twitter handle). Born Brandon Farris, YB has been noted as saying that he “picked up” his rap talents from his brothers, Willie, Antonio, and Demetrius Farris. A natural entrepreneur, YB sold chips and candy to his peers in order to maintain a steady income.

“On the walks back and forth to the store,” YB accounts, “I utilized my time by freestyling. Month after month, I started to see my skills grow to the point I decided I was ready to be heard.”

YB cites as main artistic influences the likes of such legends as Wiz Khalifa, Macklemore, and Duke Rich.

A fervid athletics enthusiast, a portion of the video material in “Ambition” features the physically fit YB on the track maintaining his physique. The theme of the video in general is one of working hard in various forms in order to achieve one's lofty goals. One of YB's own stated goals is to “put Arkansas on the map.”

Fans of hip hop and personal achievement everywhere owe it to themselves to check out this latest YB release, as well as his previous Forever After Money Records releases.

“Ambition” by YB is available for viewing online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer


FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/YBzofficial

Twitter: @yungbran

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