Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Doyle releases new single 'Kalimba Reign'


The composer, producer and performer of music known as Doyle has released his latest single, titled “Kalimba Reign (The Interlude) Instrumental.” The track has been released on the Track Universe music record label, and produced by Recordmixproduce 9g2o. A fine representation of Doyle music in a vein not often ventured today, “Kalimba Reign” is an excellent piece of songwriting that is sure to put Doyle, Track Universe, and Recordmixproduce 9g2o on the map once and for all.

Doyle (who is also sometimes billed as Bobby D) has been making music for many years.

“I have been in the recording, producing game since 1999 (before the 20th century was outta time)” he writes. “[That was] just when the music industry was converting to digital from the analog format.”

An enterprising musician and producer, he pioneered a studio in downtown Green Bay called Track Universe, where he produced and promoted CDs for music artists performing in the local scene of the day.

“I also did local music showcases and promotions, including arranging radio interviews for artists, etc.,” he writes. “After 2005-2006 I decided to get away from the business of music to pursue other endeavors, but recently decided to make another go at it due to popular demand and an inclination to get back to doing what I'm good at.”

Doyle is also the producer, composer, and performer of such popular tracks as “Senorita” featuring Chico Black, “Shake, Shake” featuring T -Y, and “Revenge (Is It Worth Your Life?)” featuring Davenchi. His music through the years has variously been compared to that of Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Curtis Mayfield #26, and Maurice White.

A kalimba, or thumb piano, is a small wooden box with metal teeth for keys. It is played by depressing the keys with one's thumbs and allowing them to spring back up, causing the key to vibrate and reverberate in the body of the instrument. Its tone is not unlike a vibraphone or xylophone's, though quieter, and is adored for its surprising richness when played by an expert thumb pianist. Doyle's “Kalimba Reign” is an instrumental piece written especially for thumb piano melody lines.

“Kalimba Reign” by Doyle is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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