Thursday, October 3, 2013

Future Perfekt releases free singles 'Our Light' and 'The Time Is Now'


The artist of digital music known as Future Perfekt has released a duo of singles, “Our Light” and “The Time Is Now,” and made both freely available for download online everywhere. The dual release has been offered by Future Perfekt in anticipation of his upcoming EP release, “3lements,” due out soon. These tracks brightly showcase Future Perfekt's myriad array of talents, and as such represent an excellent introduction for the international community to this striking and endlessly creative composer from California's Bay Area. Links to both singles are provided below.

Future Perfekt is the professional name of singer-songwriter, drummer and producer Mitchell Wilcox. His official bio describes his songwriting style as a journey “from rock to post-dubstep, from jazz to drum and bass, all coalesced into one refined sound that stirs the soul and enchants the mind.”

Future Perfekt variously evokes classic legends such as Stevie Wonder, digital heroes such as Deadmau5, and pop songsmiths such as UK superstar Robbie Williams. Wilcox himself cites as main artistic influences artists like Bjork, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, and James Blake.

Wilcox describes the themes of Future Perfekt's upcoming “3lements” record as, “a concept EP in which each track represents a different natural element in space. It’s a meditation on our 'inner space' – using external imagery as a reflection of the worth within.”

Our Light” and “The Time Is Now” will not appear on the soon-to-be-released EP, however, though they are considered preludes to it and part of the complete “3lements” experience. Their early release provides a first glimpse into what is certain to prove both an inspirational and even seminal record.

Wilcox graduated from Stanford University with a degree in music, science and technology. With his unique knack for transcending genres and categories while retaining and marrying their best attributes together, he has internationally toured with San Francisco hip-hop favorites, Zion I, American Idol finalist La Toya London, and DJ heavyweight An-ten-nae. His Future Perfekt ensemble plays live with some of the Bay Area's finest players, effortlessly blending the warm, natural overtones of traditional instruments with the precision and power of cutting-edge DJ technology.

Our Light” and “The Time Is Now” by Future Perfekt are available online worldwide. Watch for his soon-to-be-released EP, “3lements” in the weeks to come.
Our Light” - Is Now” -
-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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