Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aaron Static releases new LP 'Redemption'

The Australian composer of digital music known as Aaron Static has released his capital new LP record, “Redemption,” to the delight of fans around the globe. The album is comprised of 10 original tracks and an intro, for a total playing time of almost exactly an hour. A comprehensive collection of Aaron Static's most recent work, “Redemption” serves as a startling introduction to one of the digital scene's most inspiring and talented artists today.

To lump Aaron Static's “Redemption” into the category lazily described as EDM (Electronic Dance Music) would be a horrible, tragic injustice. Beginning one's listen at the 11:30 mark, it quickly becomes plain that “Redemption” is social commentary in the form of sonic art, fine art of the highest caliber. When Static's beat steps in, it is accompanied by a haunting, simple melody and human voices, voices from a troubled time and place not too far from home. Static's style uses a combination of ambient textures and traditional digital orchestration to create not only a beautiful sculpture of audio, but also a remarkably well-suited atmosphere in which to showcase it. “Redemption” is groovy at times, pensive at times, and always, always gorgeous.

Raised in and nurtured by Perth's drum 'n' bass and rave scenes in the late 1990s, Aaron Static is a child of Australia's old-school digital underground. He cites as main artistic influences artists such as Submerse, Rameses B, Burial, and Phaeleh.

Upon being asked what inherent message his new LP may have for listeners, Static writes a single, concise, deliberately worded phrase: “Social change is not only required but inevitable.”

The theme is one his “Redemption” explores with earnestness, insight, and not a little hope. “It is time for an evolution, and not another false revolution,” Track 1 declares. They are the first words on the album.

In short, “Redemption” is not only one of the year's best releases in general, but one of the most tastefully constructed, masterfully crafted and impeccably dazzling works of electronica ever produced. Music lovers, get in early.

“Redemption” by Aaron Static is available for listening and purchase online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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