Tuesday, August 27, 2013

EL Quintessential releases new single 'Believe'

The rapper and songwriter known as EL Quintessential has released his capital new single, “Believe.” The track is the most significant release to date from this awe-inspiring, explosively creative wordsmith and singer. The track has been released in three concurrent versions, the standard, the freestyle, and the instrumental. The freestyle version has been stamped with the Explicit Lyrics denotation.

Believe” is a melodic, well-written track with an excellent back beat that is none too invasive, and which allows EL Quintessential enough space to move around lyrically. It's themes are romantic, as the artist himself candidly explains.

“This [track] is about faith,” EL writes, “and the concept of believing in something you can't quite see.
The lead track 'Believe' is inspired from real events. After going out five or six times with a beautiful young lady who shall remain unnamed, she started telling me to stop telling her how strongly I felt about her. She said she understands we like each other but 'it's never really going to get any deeper than that because liking is all human beings are capable of. People concoct dreams and talk of love but the concept does not exist.'

“She went on [EL continues], 'It's just a matter of time before you find a job, another girl or just something else that will make all the words you’re about to say irrelevant.' I asked her how about people that stay together for years until death. She replied that people that do stay together for a long time do it out of convenience, or one reason or the other.

“At the time, deep down I actually felt the same way, we were both jaded, but there was something about the certainty of her words that changed me forever. I knew it really couldn’t be that way. The more she continued trying to convince me, the more I found out that I actually did believe in love, simply because I wanted to believe in it. She didn’t, so it didn’t exist for her, but I did and so it did for me.

“The reality became clear to me [EL Quintessential concludes]: it exists if you believe, and even though I couldn’t prove it to her, and even though I eventually lost her, I still have this song as a testament to the memory of what could have been, and as a reminder to never stop searching for what I believe in.”

While this incredibly philosophical inspiration is moving and thought-provoking, it is perhaps the freestyle version of “Believe” that will excite the enthusiasm of hip-hop lovers everywhere. While at heart it is the same track, the freestyle version showcases the stupifying talents of EL Quintessential perhaps better than the actual song, itself.

“The B-side to the track [freestyle] came from me warming up in the studio prior to recording the actual track. At the time someone suggested I freestyle to the instrumental to warm up. I asked if they wanted me to freestyle about a specific topic in mind, and someone asked if I could try to use every letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order and encapsulate that in my freestyle.”

Whether the reader can believe it or not, the evidence is plain to hear.

“If you listen carefully enough you’ll hear me pull it off,” writes EL. “I subtly use A, B, C, D, E all the way through to Z.”

The result must be heard to be believed – but then, that's the point of the song, isn't it?

“Believe” by EL Quintessential is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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