Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keith Harrison Lauher releases debut self-titled EP

The artist known as Keith Harrison Lauher has released his debut, self-titled EP album, “Keith Harrison Lauher.” The EP features five Lauher originals, all of which he plays using his remarkable and inimitable acoustic guitar technique. Lauher is already turning heads in Nagasaki, Japan, where he has been based since moving from his hometown in California's Bay Area.

Lauher's unique method of guitar playing involves tapping and slapping his strings all along the fretboard of his instrument, producing notes without the characteristic 'twang' that accompanies the more orthodox techniques of plucking and strumming. His chord progressions reflect a deep understanding of blues, jazz and classical music, yet his orchestrations convey a more complex range of emotion. Using the body of his guitar also as a natural percussion instrument, Lauher is capable of writing and performing surprisingly full pieces of music that do not need vocal accompaniment to carry a melody. Appropriately, his new EP is entirely instrumental.

Regarding his creative impetus, Lauher writes, “I started playing guitar when I was 14 and loved learning blues and jazz on electric guitar. Four years ago I picked up the acoustic guitar after being frustrated with bands and the current state of the music industry, and started working on original songs using the acoustic guitar as a solo instrument.”

Lauher names as main artistic influences the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Kaki King, Preston Reed, Michael Hedges, Cannonball Adderly, Frank Zappa, Freddy King, and Jeff Beck.

“The songs included on my EP reflect a lot of basic human emotions through a wide range of self-taught techniques, including using the soundboard as a drum and playing with both hands over the fretboard,” Lauher explains. “These songs were continuously worked on throughout the last four years and communicate a deep level of emotion. Since the songs are instrumental, the message can change for every listener, but I feel that the basic themes of happiness, longing, and hope are static.”

Lauher is the reigning 2012 champion of Japan's premier competition, “Gaikokujin Star Tanjo” in Fukuoka, and has been gaining momentum as an international music artist ever since.

“Keith Harrison Lauher” by Keith Lauher is available online worldwide beginning August of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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