Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Joseph Anthony Ricciardo releases new LP 'The Other Side'

American rocker Joseph Anthony Ricciardo has released his new LP rock album, “The Other Side,” to broad critical and fan acclaim. The record has been released on the Deepscope Records music label. A collection of 10 new tracks for a total of 35 minutes' worth of playing time, “The Other Side” represents a personal and intimate introduction for many audiophiles to this accomplished master of the music studio, as well as one of the most intriguing contemporary rock albums of the season. In addition to Ricciardo himself, it features the talents of Jamal Batiste on bass and organs, Bart Farrell on bass, and Dwight Breland on pedal steel guitar.

The style of “The Other Side” is rooted in classic rock with a touch of country crossover. Ricciardo cites as main artistic influences Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Rascal Flatts, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Queen, and Tom Petty, and indeed elements of each are present in his music. Most prominently perhaps is the natural timbre of his voice, which sounds not unlike Tom Petty with a certain, subtle metal affectation, a la Joe Elliot of Def Leppard. Ricciardo is wholly Ricciardo, however. The evocative strength of his music is half in the genius of his songwriting – which must not be understated – and half in the unadulterated, raw quality of his delivery and performance in general, which are clearly and entirely genuine.

The earnestness of Ricciardo's performance on “The Other Side” comes partially from his Musical Inspiration, a term which in this case must needs be capitalized. Upon being asked about the themes of his record, he speaks in no uncertain terms, enumerating his points and waxing theosophical with neither arrogance nor pretense.

“1.,” begins Ricciardo, “Christ is who He says He is. Right now is the time to think about what will happen after you die. Nobody knows how long they have here.”

His record is, intuitively, named for the that eternal place that is not “here,” but 'there.'

“2. Our culture teaches us that the meaning of life is our lifestyle,” he continues. “It seems to me that the vast majority have bought into what amounts to nothing but noise and distraction. Meanwhile, our time here is ticking away. Where will you go when you die? What impact will you have while you’re here? What is your legacy? Everyone leaves one day.”

Often using his honed, numerous skills at the other side of the soundboard, Ricciardo's record was written, recorded, mixed, and even mastered by the artist, himself. While the sheer magnitude of this undertaking is sure to be underestimated by many listeners, the top-shelf quality of the resulting LP will impress professional musicians and audio engineers to no end.

“The Other Side” by Joseph Anthony Ricciardo is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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