Wednesday, August 14, 2013

JoyFocus releases new single 'Hopefully Home'

The rising indie rock favorites known as JoyFocus have released yet another top-shelf single to add to their broadening repertoire, “Hopefully Home.” The track is an upbeat rock ballad, something hard to imagine unless one is familiar with the work of JF, whose unfailingly positive, hopeful sounds are composed and recorded in a suburb of Chicago. An impeccably well-produced, well-written track that spotlights lead singer Holly Joy's natural, earnest singing, “Hopefully Home” is the latest in a long line of honest-to-God singles leading up to their EP release, tentatively due in October.

As will not surprise the steadily growing cult of JoyFocus fanatics – many of whom have been following their progress online from around the globe – “Hopefully Home” is somehow even better in its own way than their last single, “Think Fast,” which in turn improved on certain elements of its preceding release, “No Good Alone.” Though audiophiles will agree that such a trend of releases seems unlikely, the truth is that these JoyFocus singles are not just singles in name, but standout tracks that continue to define their high standard of quality and which will form an EP album that is literally composed of singles in the truest sense.

The tenor of JoyFocus has continually been an optimistic one, as aforementioned, and “Hopefully Home” is no exception. Still, as with many other JF songs, neither is it simple nor sappy, but explores complex emotions that sympathize with listeners rather than speaking at them, and which describe a dire, almost horrific situation: the possibility that one's home is not the place one ought to be, but merely the chance result of a chaotic braid of railroad tracks and desert highways. Nevertheless, the triumphant JoyFocus sound prevails, making “Hopefully Home” a heartwarming, heartbreaking song that smiles through fearful tears and puts its best foot forward before marching on – toward home, hopefully.

With “Hopefully Home” JoyFocus has ramped up their intensity more than somewhat, like a crescendo preceding the roaring crash of a wave, and in light of it JF fans have very good reason to anticipate the culmination of their 2013 material with the upcoming EP. In the meantime, “Hopefully Home” is one of their best tracks to date and one which adds considerable passion and power to an already remarkable set. In its disarmingly demure timbre, their ever-sparkling, deeply inspiring artistic integrity rears its majestic head and affirms that some very, very good things are still yet to come.

“Hopefully Home” by JoyFocus is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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