Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guitarist and songwriter Max Dolan releases new LP 'Beyond the Jupiter Horizon'

The guitarist and songwriter known as Max Dolan has released his latest LP record, titled, “Beyond the Jupiter Horizon.” The album is comprised of eight wholly original, new Dolan tracks for an approximate total of 24 minutes' worth of playing time. Music fans previously unacquainted with Dolan will marvel at his musical intuition and willingness to follow a melody where it seems to lead him, while veteran Max Dolan fans will be delighted with the spaciousness and versatility of this newest sonic adventure.

Joining Dolan on this record as with other releases is percussionist Kofi Baker, son of legendary Cream drummer, Ginger Baker. Their interaction is fluid and transcendent, rather than binary in nature. Like the natural relationship between the sky and sun, they are independently perfect together. This is partly owed to Dolan's artistic drive, which comes from an innate and heartfelt desire to communicate his appreciation for beauty in the universe.

“I first got involved in music through hearing things I found beautiful and wanting to replicate these things with a guitar,” he writes. “The sound of the sea, birds singing, a widow weeping – anything and everything inspires me.”

When asked to name musical influences, Dolan names surprising sources of inspiration, including the works of Salvador Dali and Gustav Klimt.

“Anything I hear or anything someone says to me, I create musically,” Dolan explains. “The guitar is like a paintbrush to me.”

The connection between the visual, fine arts and the musical arts may not seem obvious to the casual music listener, but for Dolan the two overlap, intertwine, and even blend. He uses terminology from each school in describing his views of the other.

“My album isn’t psychedelia,” he contends, “it is surrealism.”

In talking about “Beyond the Jupiter Horizon” he even alludes to philosophy.

“It asks you questions,” he writes. “Questions are important to ask yourself. Do I really exist?”

Dolan speaks candidly of his creative method: “What I do is, I take two ingredients, time and your imagination, and I bend your imagination with time into art, which you hear. I’m fortunate to have a drummer who is just as insane as me, and as artists we are all insane to question existence and want to bend it to our will … But that is where the joy lies.”

“Beyond the Jupiter Horizon” by Max Dolan is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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