Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Born from Disease releases debut EP record 'Existence Denied'

The heavy metal band from California's East Bay Area known as Born from Disease have released their debut EP record, titled, “Existence Denied.” The EP has been released on the Burn It In Records music label. Comprised of five new, original tracks, “Existence Denied” paradoxically affirms that this four-piece gang of adrenaline pushers is not only an important staple of San Francisco's underground metal scene, but one of contemporary metal's most significant acts to watch from anywhere on the globe.

The sound of “Existence Denied” begins on a darkly ominous note, bass-led and lurking, but this subtle creepiness quickly gives way to a torrential downpour of violence like a hail of flame. Double bass fires kick after kick like machine-guns, guitars chug and tear through riffs without mercy, and by the end of this inaugural track (“Bleed You”) their bass guitar has climbed to an unstoppable pace and leads the band out of the song like a kind of insane pied piper. Track two immediately explodes out of the gate, and the EP keeps up these one-two punches for another twenty minutes. Fans of Meshuggah, Chimaira, Divine Heresy and Slayer will be extremely well pleased.

Their songwriting is superb. Their instrumental skills are honed and razor-sharp, yet metal fans won't catch them getting too showy or pretentious. Each movement in each song is composed to take the track where it ought to go, rather than to showcase each musician in the spotlight, jazz-style. Every Born from Disease song on “Existence Denied” is a group effort with a triumphant, darkly glorious character all its own.

Deserving especial mention among all this is vocalist Larissa Spurling – yes, she is female – whose arresting, shocking voice hits the listener like an anvil fired from a cannon. Her rasping, gouging vocal tone and style makes Metallica's James Hetfield sound like a whiny schoolboy. The listener will find himself trying to make out the lyrics, will find that they are often quite intelligible, and then will find, even, that her words are relevant, clever and evocative. With the volume sufficiently and appropriately up, her performance is literally staggering.

Born from Disease is exultant, extremely volatile music for the abrasive and sadistic, tortured soul in all of us, and at no time does it wax melodramatic or grow tedious, a common slip-up for metal bands. “Existence Denied” is not just believably passionate aggression, it is directly communicated, interactive audio violence that forces the listener to take part in the chaos.

“Existence Denied” by Born from Disease is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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